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AGRICAST is a crop forecasting and tracking system for sustainable agriculture in developing nations.

The purpose of AGRICAST is to provide a means for the proper tracking, forecasting and coordination of cultivation of crops specifically in developing nations whose agricultural sectors are facing similar circumstances.

The Aims of the AGRICAST system:

  • To accurately forecast the availability of crops under cultivation
  • To help enable farmers to make the best and most profitable use of their land
  • To aid in reducing the instances of gluts and shortages


  • Strengthens the capacity of a nation to achieve long-term food security primarily through local production
  • Enables farmers to estimate revenues and plan for harvest
  • Increase production and productivity, thereby enhancing growth and development within the agricultural sector
  • Facilitates sustainable growth and development within the farming community
  • Assists in better planning and management of users operations
  • Aids in the reduction of poverty in rural communities
  • Strengthens the technical advisory Extension services to producers
  • Assists in the development of national agricultural statistical databases
  • Assists policy action that speaks to agricultural & rural development
  • Develops the capacity at the national level for the collection, organisation and dissemination of information to target groups
  • Fosters operational links with key players in the sector
  • Provides access to timely, accurate, relevant and current agricultural information in order to assist users in becoming more competitive and efficient
  • Facilitates linkages with regional and extra-regional stakeholders and partners for improved delivery and exchange of agricultural information within the region
  • Assist in faster delivery of information generated in the region
  • Augments the decision making process for internal and external Traders


  • Stores pre-determined crop definitions with multiple yield outcomes depending on a variety of variables
  • Allows for the ability to subdivide the geographic area (country) into planting regions for more targeted crop management, tracking and region analysis purposes
  • Records information on crops planted
  • Records and tracks any damages or other changes to crops
  • Also records reasons for damages
  • Produces various crop production, crop forecasting and performance reports.
  • Manages the deployment of Extension officers to farmers across regions


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